My ingredients have arrived!


In the post today I received an exciting parcel.  Last week I ordered some natural ingredients which I will be able to use as a base for things like hand cream, lip balm, moisturisers etc. and today they arrived in all their 100% pure beauty!

Right now it reminds me of the first time D & I made cupcakes.  I was hosting a Pink Ribbon Breakfast at my office and we needed lots of cupcakes with pink icing stat!  We didn’t have little M then so no kids parties and, while D has always enjoyed cooking, we didn’t really bake so we didn’t have any of the things we needed.  We dived off to the supermarket and grabbed everything we needed from flour to baking trays and they ended up being the most expensive cupcakes in history (well, almost, I reckon Sydney has got some pretty pricey boutique cupcake shops these days that would rival ours on a per cupcake cost basis).  The good news is that the baking trays and other tools have had lots of use since then and we keep the cupboard stocked with flour and other basic ingredients so that we can whip up a batch of muffins, cookies or scones whenever it takes our fancy.  I have an awesome carrot and cheese muffin recipe which I should probably share at some stage.

So right now it feels a bit like we are just spending while not getting much back, but I have to remember that it’s like the cupcakes.  Individually the ingredients are actually pretty good value (just 10 bucks for 1 litre of coconut oil) and you can buy them in varying quantities with more savings to be made from buying in bulk.  I just need to stock up the cupboard with essentials then from there the savings will happen.  Top tip though, don’t buy these sort of items from websites which specialise in craft soap making.  They are aimed at crafters so the products can cost up to 4 times as much.

So with the cupboard stocked I’m ready to start making some products.  Wish me luck!


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