DIY kitchen surface spray


We currently use one of those really over the top kitchen sprays which cut through grease with ease and could probably remove your nail polish while it’s at it.  Advertising has told us that these products are great and that they will make cleaning easier and to be fair they probably do.  There are a number of downsides to our spray though:

  • It absolutely stinks, in fact I find myself only using it for really tough jobs anyway because it’s so full on.
  • It leaves a bit of a residue on the surfaces in the kitchen.
  • It makes my eyes sting slightly so I avoid using it when little M is around.

If you go looking on the interwebs there are hundreds of different ways you can make simple homemade kitchen sprays.  I quite like the look of the citrus sprays where you leave citrus peelings in vinegar for a few weeks but:

  1. I need something straight away.
  2. We seem to have eaten practically everything in the house already including the mandarins and lemons and we didn’t keep the peelings.
  3. I’m feeling lazy.
.....the proud spray bottle scours the suburban landscape for it's prey....

…..the proud spray bottle scours the suburban landscape for it’s prey….

So rather than get bogged down with something which requires a bit of effort I thought I would see what I had in the house and find a recipe which I had everything for.  In the end I went for a really simple spray which contained:

It took me two minutes to make it up in a spray bottle and I absolutely love it! It cuts through grease and food gunk with ease, there’s no residue and it leaves the place smelling beautifully fresh and clean (obviously you need to like the smell of eucalyptus). It’s also naturally antiviral and antibacterial.

So that’s it!  Of all the things I have tried so far my DIY kitchen spray has made me an instant convert.  I’m even cleaning more which frankly is unheard of.  Sorry D, I’m sure it wont last……


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