Biodynamic wine in the Hunter

This weekend I had an absolutely wonderful time in the gorgeous wine region of the Hunter Valley near Sydney. I left D and little M behind and strutted out with some great ladies to taste wine, eat far to much and share some hilarious stories which won’t be repeated here for fear of incriminating those involved.

While I was in the Hunter I was pleased to see there are an increasing number of winemakers using biodynamic techniques for growing vines and other crops. Biodynamic growing includes all the great things in organic production (no chemical pesticides, no chemical based ingredients etc.) but it also takes it to the next level by working with the soil to enhance it’s quality and productivity. I’m sure D will want to tell you all about it in another post so I won’t go into too much detail but needless to say it’s very cool and here in Australia we have the largest uptake of biodynamic techniques amongst commercial farmers in the world which is great!

One of the wineries we visited, Maquariedale Organic Wines, only produces wines from biodynamically grown grapes. This gorgeous little winery, popped up on a hill as if keeping an eye on the vines, became the first vineyard to be officially certified organic back in 2006.

Ross and Derice MacDonald, the husband and wife team who own the winery, are so committed to organic and biodynamic growing that they’ve managed to convert many of the surrounding wineries too. We tasted their range of wines and I can personally confirm that they were lovely and, in case that’s not enough to get you excited, the wines are low in sulphur too which apparently translates into less of a headache the morning after! Sounds good to me!



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