Travelling light with homemade products…..

Our adventures have now taken us to Mollymook on the New South Wales coast where we are staying in an amazing house until just before Christmas. The focus is on beach time, great food and lots of relaxation.  The weather is amazing and little M is having a great time running around the open plan house, reading in the kids nook and playing in the garden. You know what they say…..happy children, happy parents. I think if D and I were any more relaxed we would be in a coma.

One of the things I have noticed on this trip is how much lighter I have been able to travel.  My beauty product requirements have definitely dropped off since I started making products myself from natural ingredients.  For example, this is what I now take into the shower:


What you see here is:

Once out of the shower I use avocado oil to cleanse and moisturise my face and I also use it as a general body moisturiser. I’m planning on making some lotions but it’s good to know that when I’m travelling I can take just the avocado oil and it works well. Definitely an improvement on previous trips (just ask D).

‘No Poo’ Update: It’s been 11 days since I washed my hair and it’s starting to show.  After I wash my hair with the baking powder it’s still a bit greasy and by lunchtime it’s a lot greasy!  I’m successfully offsetting the grease by using cocoa powder but there’s no way on earth you could describe my hair as clean.  Hopefully it won’t get too much worse before it starts to get better!


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